10 Frozen Vegetables to Keep on Hand—and Tasty Ways to Use Them

10 Frozen Vegetables to Keep on Hand—and Tasty Ways to Use Them

You understand you’re alleged to be ingesting extra veggies. But for maximum of us, it’s tough to maintain a whole lot of the sparkling stuff available with out it wilting, converting color, or in any other case morphing into some thing unidentifiable in our refrigerators. We’ve were given jobs and dates and youngsters and life, after all.

Enter: the frozen vegetable. Maybe you’ve got got that one % of peas for that inevitable knocked knee or banged-up elbow; there’s not anything like a bag of peas as a salve. But frozen veggies are arguably additionally the silver bullet to get your self to devour extra produce. They don’t pass awful quick; there are masses of approaches to cause them to palatable; and nowadays, you could discover the strangest, maximum wondrous matters blanketed in snow withinside the frozen meals section.

I reached out to Sarah Karnasiewicz, a writer, recipe developer, and common contributor to The Wall Street Journal, Rachael Ray, and Health. Full disclosure: Sarah’s a friend, so I understand that once she is going shopping, she plunks some of frozen veggie luggage in her cart. That aisle is rarely the sexiest one in a grocery store. Unless it’s ninety tiers outside, we commonly don’t need to spend an awful lot time there. So what changed into Sarah buying, and the way did she comprise them into her (delicious) meals? Here are her seasoned suggestions on which greens to shop for and a way to prepare dinner dinner them.

What’s your #1 pass-to for frozen meals?

Peas are simply usually at the list, as a minimum  or 3 luggage. They’re some thing my son will devour. I do in particular use them as a now no longer-the-main-aspect in some thing. For risotto with mushrooms, I’ll every now and then simply throw in peas on the very quit in conjunction with sparkling asparagus. Same issue with pastas. I’ve made a clearly brilliant vibrant sparkling pea soup with frozen peas too. Just don’t prepare dinner dinner them too lengthy and run them below bloodless water so that they live clearly green. I best purchase child frozen peas; I’m a fan of the petite peas. They’re simply sweeter and much less mealy, I suppose. Frozen peas keep up clearly well, and there’s a lot you could do with them. Yesterday I hit myself withinside the face with a laptop—don’t ask—however I changed into clearly happy to have my frozen peas.

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What else?

Corn is right for throwing right into a chowder … I’ll usually have a bag of peas or corn. Corn is the identical rule as peas; purchase normal or search for child niblets or tiny, white, child candy corn. The “child” model is usually better.

I usually purchase a few type of vegetables like spinach or chard or combined vegetables you could purchase in luggage—like spinach and perhaps collards. I usually have a few model or form of vegetables which I installed soups. I’m doing a stir-fry or frittata I would possibly throw it in… however by and large I use them for soups and stews, like a clearly speedy candy-potato and white bean soup. I’ll upload a pair handfuls of frozen vegetables in the direction of the quit. You also can throw a few in a smoothie with out it tasting disgusting.

My son clearly likes one which has cocoa powder, complete milk, yogurt, banana, and every now and then a bit maple syrup. It clearly tastes like sour chocolate. There’s a clearly best factor in phrases of what number of vegetables you could break out with in case you’re looking to feed a child. At a few factor he’s like, “No, this doesn’t flavor like chocolate.”

Sometimes I purchase frozen butternut squash due to the fact it’s already peeled, chopped, and cubed and it’s pleasant to have them while I’m feeling lazy. I make a whole lot of soups and stews.

What’s much less not unusualplace however a must-purchase?

For the much less regular matters, I like to shop for if I see them. A neighborhood Italian marketplace had frozen luggage of peeled fava beans, that are like cash withinside the bank. Sort of like peas, you’re now no longer seeing them sparkling that an awful lot, you need to hunt them down. Favas are clearly exhausting to prepare dinner dinner, steam, and take the kernels out of the pods, then take the pithy component out of the kernel. But in case you blanch the frozen ones clearly quick and run them below bloodless water, they’re amazing.

When a one pound bag is $3.99, you’re virtually gonna spend extra on that on the farmers’ marketplace. I cooked them, made a salad with them, and shaved asparagus and lemon and shaved Parmesan and it changed into awesome. Sometimes you’ll see them at Middle Eastern markets. Also search for frozen sparkling chickpeas, which I by no means see and didn’t understand what to do with at all. I pro and roasted them; they have been delicious, and I placed them on salad for a week.

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Any suggestions for locating neat frozen matters?

Sometimes you discover thrilling matters withinside the freezer section, specially in a distinctiveness meals store. It’s an amazing manner to dip your feet right into a distinctiveness aspect and now no longer should use it that day. It’s lower-pressure. I changed into at a Russian marketplace and located clearly thrilling cloudberries and Nordic frozen fruit.

Top discover over the years?

Frozen okra. I use it to make bhindi masala, the curry. It’s clearly good, and a complete consolation meals issue for me I used to reserve from the Indian eating place close to my office. I don’t get Indian takeout close to my house, and if I’m yearning it, it’s super-good, smooth to make, and works completely best.

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What’s your defrosting technique for frozen veggies?

I don’t defrost. I throw them in frozen. They should be going into some thing that’s already heat. Frozen peas are going into risotto … don’t should prepare dinner dinner very lengthy. If you’re making pea soup, they’re going into an already-heat broth. My feeling’s usually which you need to prepare dinner dinner them as low as possible. Throw them in, cause them to now no longer-frozen any extra, after which devour them. I’m now no longer roasting them.

Any greens you avoid?

I haven’t had brilliant fulfillment with cauliflower. I’ve sold it some instances and don’t clearly understand what to do with it. I like roasted cauliflower. I ought to make a pureed soup or some thing, which might be the satisfactory issue to do with it. I’m curious approximately that. I don’t purchase Brussels sprouts. You can nearly usually purchase the ones sparkling, and I suppose they’re better.

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Any drawback flavor-smart to frozen veggies?

I suppose it absolutely relies upon on how you’re cooking them. I suppose you need to have in mind of what’s going to play up their strengths and weaknesses. You’re now no longer seeking out crisp greens.

Any suggestions for re-heating vegetables? I generally tend to defrost my spinach first and squeeze out extra water.

In a stir-fry or fried rice state of affairs that’d be an amazing idea. Or for a fishcake or crabcake state of affairs. It’s an amazing step to feature to process. I’m by and large the usage of the ones in stews or smoothies wherein liquid is type of the factor.

Spinach water may be an competitive flavor, right?

Yeah, yeah, completely. But spinach, period, is type of watery. Just upload extra butter. And a squeeze of lemon, and you’re good.

Alex Van Buren—comply with her on Instagram and Twitter @alexvanburen—is a Brooklyn-primarily based totally writer, editor and content material strategist who has written for The Washington Post, Bon Appétit, Travel + Leisure, New York Magazine, Condé Nast Traveler, and Epicurious.

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