Is Chicken Bad For You? 6 Shocking Reasons

Is Chicken Bad For You? 6 Shocking Reasons

People are satisfied that birds make a more fit alternative than pigs or cows. But beneathneath all the ones fake promises – leanness, high-satisfactory supply of protein, low in fats – hen isn’t an excellent fitness meals at all.

Eating chickens isn’t best a barbaric practice, however additionally extraordinarily negative to one’s fitness.

We’ve rounded-up a few information approximately hen to be able to make you second-wager the ones nuggets.

  1. Poultry will have the identical effect on ldl cholesterol as beef

Many human beings switch purple meats for hen in a bid to decrease their levels of cholesterol and be healthier – however they may be losing their time.

Top plant-primarily based totally doctor Dr. Michael Greger has checked out the information – and concluded that the effect of red meat on human ldl cholesterol isn’t always lots worse than that of hen and fish.

He says: “Switching from beef to chicken possibly wouldn’t make any difference [to cholesterol].

“And that’s truely no wonder given how fats we’ve genetically changed chickens to be those days – up to ten instances extra fats than they used to have a century ago.

“So there’s some of cuts of red meat which have much less ldl cholesterol-elevating saturated fats than hen.”

  1. The slaughter of birds is horrifying

There are little to no cruelty rules withinside the hen enterprise. In fact, birds have formally been exempted from the ‘Humane Methods of Slaughter Act’.

“The U.S. Department of Agriculture exempts birds from its enforcement of the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act, which calls for that cattle be insensible to ache earlier than they’re shackled and killed,” in keeping with the Humane Society of the United States.

Around nine billion chickens and turkeys are killed for meat every 12 months withinside the U.S. alone. These sentient animals spend their whole lives in overall confinement; extra chickens are raised and killed for meals than all different land animals combined.

Once on the slaughterhouse, the birds are hung the other way up and their throats are reduce open with the aid of using machines. The chickens are then immersed in scalding-warm water for feather removal – and they’re completely aware for the duration of the whole process.

  1. ninety seven percentage of retail hen breast is infected with risky micro organism

According to media reports, checks carried out on uncooked hen bought throughout the U.S. have observed that ninety seven percentage of examined hen breast samples ‘harbored micro organism that would make you sick’.


The evaluation found excessive charges of intestinal micro organism, along with E. coli, Enterococcus, and Salmonella.

  1. Chickens are smart animals

As a surprisingly inquisitive and smart species (which may be as clever as cats and dogs), chickens are ‘excellent at fixing problems’, in keeping with animal behaviorist Dr. Chris Evans.

They also are capable of recognize that currently hidden gadgets nonetheless exist.

Chickens have their very own social hierarchies, shape friendships, and that they love and take care of their young.

Talking approximately chickens’ capabilities, Evans said: “As a trick at conferences, I every so often listing those attributes, with out bringing up chickens, and those assume I’m speakme approximately monkeys.”

NOTE: Even if chickens weren’t clever, as living, sentient beings they nonetheless shouldn’t be eaten. This is only a charming fact.

  1. Chickens are full of most cancers-inflicting arsenic

The Food and Drug Administration [FDA] has admitted that hen meat is packed with arsenic, a surprisingly toxic chemical this is 4 instances extra poisonous than mercury.

The substance is given to chickens as it activates faster weight benefit and much less feeding, and it additionally complements the red coloring in uncooked meat.

When ingested, arsenic can cause invasive squamous carcinoma, Bowen illness, basal mobileular pores and skin most cancers carcinoma, and liver, kidney, lung, and bladder most cancers.

And despite the fact that the FDA is making an attempt to persuade the general public that hen meat continues to be secure for consumption – in spite of the quantity arsenic observed – specialists have issued a caution approximately the duty of arsenic for fetus damage.

  1. The hen enterprise has a devastating effect at the environment

The slaughtering of birds on any such huge scale pollutes land, air, and water with deceased carcasses, feces, heavy metals, chemicals, micro organism, parasites, pathogen cysts, and viruses.

Poultry slaughterhouses launch big quantities of waste into the environment, polluting land and floor waters – in addition to posing a extreme risk to humans. The leaching of nitrate and pathogen transfers to groundwater additionally influences the pleasant of our ingesting water.

Wildlife habitat is likewise destroyed to make area for brand new slaughtering plants, consequently ensuing in biodiversity losses.

But ‘Free-variety’ tho…

Made it to the quit of this listing and you’re questioning that you’ll simply transfer to ‘free-variety’, ‘natural’, or ‘humanely-raised’ hen?

Think again.

In reality, manufacturing unit farming bills for 99.nine percentage of chickens raised for meat withinside the U.S. Even if the chickens had been raised on free-variety and natural farms, chickens regularly spend simply as lots time restrained to crowded areas as the ones on traditional farms.

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