10 Tasty Recipes That Make the Most of Cherry Season

10 Tasty Recipes That Make the Most of Cherry Season

There are many delicious ways to use cherries this season, from scrumptious desserts to savory dishes. Cherry pie is a classic summer dessert that pairs wonderfully with chicken. Clafoutis is another tasty choice for non-bakers. If you’re a novice at baking, you can try making a homemade frosting, which tastes much better than store-bought frosting.

Clafoutis is ideal for non-bakers

A traditional French dessert, clafoutis is a baked custard studded with fresh fruit. The traditional filling is cherries, but you can use any fruit you like. While clafoutis is traditionally made with black cherries, you can also use other varieties of cherries, such as Bing Cherries. The cherry-based custard has a very light texture when served warm, but it firms up as it cools. The batter is made like a crepe, and fresh fruit is baked in the batter, including cherries and almonds.

To make a clafoutis, you will need a baking pan, cherries, sugar, and flour. To prepare the batter, mix the caster sugar with the cinnamon. Whisk the ingredients until well combined. After that, add the cherries and mix well. The mixture will be lumpy, but it should remain creamy on the inside. Once baked, you can serve the clafoutis warm or room temperature. If you don’t feel like baking, clafoutis freezes well.

The batter for a clafoutis is best prepared the day before. However, if you need to make extra, you can double the recipe. Make sure to bake the clafoutis at least one hour before serving. Then, let it cool for another 15 minutes. Ideally, clafoutis should be served warm, but if it gets cold, simply reheat it in a microwave for 15 seconds at a time. Alternatively, you can bake it in a 350-degree oven for 5-10 minutes.

Homemade frostings taste better than store-bought ones

Homemade frostings are richer and taste better than store-bought ones, especially during cherry season. You can add different ingredients to make your homemade frostings even more delicious and decadent. For instance, you can add marshmallow fluff or peanut butter to your chocolate frosting for a decadent treat. You can also try adding Nutella, a hazelnut spread. Another great addition is smooth peanut butter. If you’re feeling extra creative, you can also add sprinkles.

Homemade frostings are also healthier. For instance, you can try using Simple Mills frosting, which contains just eight ingredients. It is available in vanilla and chocolate flavors. The simple ingredients cut out most of the sugar and carbs that many other frostings have. Instead of sugar and refined sugar, this frosting uses monk fruit, which is low in calories and has only 16 mg of sodium and nine grams of sugar per serving.

To make your homemade frosting more colorful, you can use gel or paste food coloring. Use a small amount and add it gradually. To test its effect, swirl a toothpick in the frosting. If you don’t get the desired color, add more food coloring. If you’re using liquid food coloring, it will become less vivid, but you can twirl it around until it matches your desired hue.

Besides being healthier, homemade frostings taste better than store-bough icing. You can use canned frosting if you’re short on time or aren’t sure what to use. However, homemade frostings are more tangy and delicious.

Cherry pie is a classic summer dessert

Cherry pie is a classic summer dessert made from cherries. Sliced raw cherries are added to the pie for texture and to fill in the gaps left by whole cherries. The topping can be either plain or lattice. For lattice topping, cut the pastry into narrow strips and place half of them over the pie. Then weave the remaining strips in the opposite direction. If you have extra pastry, trim the excess using a sharp knife. Bake for 55 minutes to 1 hour. Be aware that the pastry edge may brown faster than the center. To prevent this, you can cover the edges with a piece of foil.

For the cherry pie filling, prepare 1 cup to one and a quarter cups of sugar. You can use less or more sugar if you have less sweet cherries. However, if you have very sweet cherries, use the full amount of sugar. The dough can be prepared a day or two ahead. The pie assembly can be frozen for up to two months. When ready to bake, simply transfer the frozen pie to the oven.

To make the cherry filling, begin by draining the cherries. Combine the cherries with sugar, flour, cornstarch, tapioca, and almond extract. Stir until combined. Then, add the remaining three cups of cherries. Refrigerate the pie for at least an hour before serving. The longer the filling sits, the thicker it will be and easier it will be to slice.

Cherries pair well with chicken

There are many different varieties of cherries, and each one has a unique flavor. Some are sweet while others are tart. Regardless of the variety, cherries are incredibly juicy, with a thin outer layer that bursts with flavor when bitten. Bing cherries are sweet and juicy, while Lapins and Lambert cherries are more tart. Rainier and Tulare cherries are tangy, but packed with nutrition.

Cherries are a versatile ingredient, and can be used in both baked goods and savory dishes. Pairing them with herbs and spices adds a complex flavor to your dishes. Adding a bit of creme fraiche, goat cheese, or cheddar cheese will round out their flavor.

If you’re looking for a healthy chicken recipe, try Sauteed Chicken With Cherries. This easy chicken dish can be a great summer meal. Fresh cherries are perfect for this dish, but you can use frozen ones year-round. In this recipe, chicken is cooked with cherries and other ingredients to make a sweet sauce for the chicken.

Chicken breasts can also be pan-fried with fresh cherries. After they are cooked, they can be served with a salad. If you prefer, you can also use boneless chicken pieces. To make the sauce, first heat a tablespoon of butter in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Next, add a chopped onion and saute until translucent. Once the onion is soft, add the red wine, chicken broth, and balsamic vinegar. Cook the mixture until the cherries are reduced by half. Finish by adding fresh thyme.

They’re a good source of antioxidants

Cherries are an amazing summer treat that’s available for about two months in Canada. The juicy red fruits are high in antioxidants and are packed with nutrients. The average tree produces about 7,000 cherries each year. Cherries are also low in calories and have plenty of fiber and omega-3 fatty acids. In addition to being delicious, they are also good for your health and can reduce inflammation. Here are some tasty recipes to make the most of cherry season.

Cherries are a great addition to salads, coffee cake, and desserts. You can also use them as a topping for chicken and seasoning. You can even eat them on their own, if you’d like. But if you’d rather not eat them straight, here are 10 tasty recipes that make the most of cherry season.

Canned cherries are also delicious. You can use them in a variety of desserts ranging from chewy and crunchy desserts to pies. They are rich in antioxidants and can be found in your local grocery or farmer’s market. Tart cherries contain less sugar than sweet cherries, so they are often used in desserts and pies.

Cooking cherries in syrup can preserve them for several months. Cherry season typically starts in mid-April and runs through the end of August. When soaked in syrup, cherries become sweet and bursting with flavor. You don’t need a lot of ingredients for making a simple syrup, so it’s a great way to enjoy the flavor of cherries all year round.

They’re a great snack

Cherry season runs for two months in Canada, and these delicious fruits are packed with antioxidants that improve health, reduce inflammation, and promote sleep. In fact, an average cherry tree will produce 7,000 cherries each year! To make the most of this delicious fruit, CTV’s guest chefs have developed tasty recipes to make the most of cherry season.

One of the easiest ways to enjoy cherries is with a simple dessert. Cherry pie is a classic dessert, but you can also try a lighter alternative in the form of a savory compote. It combines cooked sour cherries with sugar, cinnamon, and cornstarch, and then gets topped with a simple biscuit dough. If fresh cherries are difficult to find during peak cherry season, frozen cherries are a great option.

Another great dessert to make the most of cherry season is a cherry upside-down cake. This cake is easy to make and portable, which makes it an excellent option for picnic season. It combines juicy cherries with a rich buttery flavor. It’s best served with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream.

Cherries are not only delicious when eaten raw, but they’re also great for you. They’re packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds and can help prevent diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. They can also improve cognitive functions and help you sleep better. They’re also a great addition to salads and smoothies!


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